Specializing in custom automotive wiring and fuel injection tuning.


We have some creative products to make converting your car to EFI easier or upgrading your ignition system to make it more durable and accurate.

AEM Series 2 Universal Wiring Harness – $595

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LambdaTuner Harness for AEM Series 2 EMS

LambdaTuner Harness for AEM Series 2 EMS

AEM never released a Series 2 Universal Engine Management System, but that didn’t stop us from developing a harness that will allow an AEM 30-6050 EMS to unleash the most cost effective and flexible engine management system to be used for virtually any application.  Our harness uses automotive grade TXL wiring, includes a sealed relay & fuse box with 5 relays for the ECU, Fans, Fuel Pumps, Water pumps, etc.  Leads are 96″ long and labeled for intended use.  Harness is ready to drive up to 8 direct-fire coils, 12 saturated injectors, shielded wiring for hall effect/magnetic cam & crank sensors, 16 outputs, 8 user definable inputs and 4 EGT inputs.  The AEM Series 2 EMS has on-board data-logging capabilities, multi-stage and speed based boost control, traction control, nitrous control with separate fuel & spark tables and many other features standard that most EMS’s either don’t support or cost several thousand dollars more to achieve the same functionality.

Small Block Ford Crank Trigger & Wheel (Out of Stock) – $150 

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We have developed a crank trigger bracket and wheel that bolts right onto the Small Block Ford timing cover to allow the use of a Ford magnetic crank trigger.


  • Laser cut steel and fully TIG welded
  • Simple bolt on
  • Designed to use 2000 Ford Explorer crank sensor (not included)
  • Retains use of factory stamped steel timing pointer
  • Perfect for converting to coil on plug
  • Faster sync and start up
  • Completely eliminates timing errors from Ford TFI distributors

Specify your crank balancer brand and model when ordering so we can ensure proper fitment.  We have used these on several AEM installations but may also be adaptable to other flexible aftermarket ignition and fuel injection systems such as Megasquirt.  Some modification to your crank balancer may be required to accommodate for thickness of trigger wheel.







Billet Cam Sensor Adapter for 351W (out of stock) – $50

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Looking to convert your 351W to coil on plug but unable to find a cam sensor that fits or one where the drive gear doesn’t wear out prematurely?  This billet aluminum spacer will allow the installation of a factory Ford 3.8L cam sensor into a 9.5″ deck small block Ford.  Using the 3.8L Cam sensor ensures OEM durability and you can install any standard Ford or aftermarket distributor drive gear which is especially popular with those running billet camshafts where special drive gears are required.

Specializing in custom automotive wiring and aftermarket fuel injection systems.