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Pro-Street 55 Chevy with Twin Turbo Big Block

55 Chevy Pro Street with Twin Turbo Big Block55 Chevy Pro Street with Twin Turbo Big BlockWe took on a project this past summer from a customer who had taken his car to the next level and converted from a single-turbo setup to an all-out twin turbocharged and intercooled 509 cubic inch Dart block motor in a mini-tubbed 1955 Chevy.  Before we got the car it had just gotten a new interior installed and the turbos had been re-worked in the engine bay.  The wiring was a mess from so many years of use and abuse.

The new turbo setup created a couple issues with the engine harness wiring since the exhaust manifolds were now uncomfortably close to critical wiring.  Also, the customer had acquired an MSD Digital 7 ignition system and was a little overwhelmed after opening the box and seeing the wiring harness that came with it.  It already had a MSD ignition in the car, but upgrading to the Digital 7 wasn’t going to be a plug and play affair.

In addition, the chassis wiring was all original, with the exception of the “improvements” that a car of this era had to endure.  The previous owners made their own modifications to the car and its wiring, much of it was done hastily and used inferior connection methods.  The owner simply didn’t have the time to tackle all of the electrical work and wanted to spend time driving the car rather than re-wiring it.  We completed the following work on this car:

  • Started with a clean slate.  Removed the dated chassis wiring, corroded lighting harnesses, fuse panel, any “modifications” that had taken place under the dash or under the car.  Removed all electronics that were in the car with the plan to re-install them in a more user-friendly and to simplify any existing wiring that would be re-used.
  • Installed a 16-circuit blade-style fuse panel.  All chassis wiring is silk-screened and labeled with the circuits purpose.  All lighting connections are replaced with new sockets, contacts and harnesses.  Turn signals & brake lights are upgraded to LED lighting and electronic turn signals.  Original equipment style switches are integrated into the new harness.
  • Aftermarket digital dash and reproduction stereo are installed in the dash.
  • MSD Digital 7, FAST XFI fuel injection and Alcohol Injection Systems Meth Controller are installed on a custom swing-down panel that tucks up under the dash.  All wiring and electronics are hidden.
  • Engine compartment wiring is re-worked to move it away from turbo system. Electric fans, electric water-pump, engine oil cooler and fuel pump relays are all moved inside the car under the dash and hidden from view, but easily accessible.
  • Improved ground wiring from battery to common terminals under dash and on fire-wall.
  • LED lights are installed under the dash to help with servicing electronics and wiring.
  • FAST Dual-Sync distributor is wired into the existing wiring harness.
  • Wiring for gauge cluster installed in hood cowl is cleaned up and organized.



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