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Eric Meyer’s Twin Turbo Mustang

Eric Meyer's Twin Turbo MustangEric Meyer's Twin Turbo MustangEric Meyer wanted a “sleeper”, so he picked up a 4-cylinder LX Mustang with a blown engine and a junkyard 5.0 roller motor for cheap.  Add two turbos and the required plumbing for the hot and cold-side for the turbo system and a few nice parts in-between you and have a really well-built street car!  This car has great street manners and its docile nature causes the tech inspectors at drag strips to start questioning the car before the hood is even opened.

  • Stock Ford 5.0L HO engine
  • E303 Cam
  • 77lb Fuel Injectors
  • Custom twin turbo setup (by Jim Sheren) with Garrett TO3 integral wastegate turbos
  • Custom Air2Air Intercooler by Jim Sheren
  • Full Dynomax Exhaust
  • Aeromotive Fuel System
  • AEM 30-1400 Engine Management System
  • AEM UEGO Wideband Sensor
  • AEM Serial Gauge
  • LambdaTuner crank trigger wheel & crank sensor bracket
  • LambdaTuner modified distributor for cam position
This car has run a best 1/4 mile to date of 11.10 @ 126MPH at its first track outing with just 12psi of boost.  It starts and runs like a stock 5.0 Mustang, but is crazy fast while under boost!  LambdaTuner installed the AEM engine management system, fuel system, electrical wiring and built a 93 octane pump gas tune from scratch.

Eric plans some suspension upgrades in order to get his 60-foot times down as well as an electronic boost solenoid so the power can be turned up and managed by the AEM.  This car will easily be a mid-10 second strip car and will see lots of street use!

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